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Anand, the Artist

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Anand married Rama Ambedkar on 19th November, 1983 at Vanita Samaj near Shivaji Park at Bombay. Anand, a young man who had just stepped out of IIM(A) with his management degree did not have a lot of money to spend on the wedding. In an attempt to curtail expenses, Anand decides to create personalised invites to his own wedding for all his friends and family. Later, he did the same for two of his sisters.


One of the lesser known facets of Anand's personality is his passion for sketching and painting.  Like many of his abilities, being an artist is a self-taught one too. He used it to support himself and his family during his youth.

He fondly reminisces the time when he had earned his first ever paycheck by painting a poster for a movie. He was commissioned to paint a rather large poster of a film, which he did over a couple days. After spending a part of the money on buying books he was walking back home when he spotted a man by the side of the street, begging. In an immediate act of generosity, he handed over all the money he had to the beggar. 


Later in life, he contributed cartoons humorously depicting the prevalent political situations to the Marathi working class monthly Thingi (sparklet), of which he was the editor. He has several paintings to his credit and many of his works are still under wraps in storage. We hope to bring these to you at the earliest.

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