Anand, the Activist

Anand's work and writing has been focused on on the issues of public policy, political economy and democratic politics in India today. Widely respected as an original thinker and author, his insights on many a contemporary issue are being respected equally in activist and academic circles world over.

He is one of the pioneers in civil rights movement in India and participated in many civil rights struggles and in number of fact finding missions over the last four decades that have produced widely acclaimed reports on issues such as tsunami rehabilitation efforts, caste atrocities, and communal conflagration.

Over the course of his corporate career, Anand was posted in various parts of India and almost everywhere, he extended himself to larger society. While working in Indian Oil Corporation in West Bengal, he organized contract labourers, and successfully strategised their struggles to success. In Gujarat and Chennai, he worked in slums to educate them politically and catalyzed formation of study circles among Muslim youth. In Mumbai, he worked in Naujawan Bharat Sabha and strategised trade union and anti-slum demolition struggles, while himself holding a senior management position. 

Anand has contributed to the spread of civil rights movement in India in a plethora of ways, most recently, serving as the General Secretary of the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights (CPDR) in Maharashtra. He is also a member of the Coordination of Democratic Rights Organization (CDRO).

He is a member of the Presidium, All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE), a federated movement for demanding free, universal and equal quality education to all through common school system (neighborhood schools). He is on advisory boards of many other civil society organizations in India